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Hudson EMS On-Line Application for Compensated Professionals.

Please read this message about mentoring before selecting a position below.


Can a paid professional be content working at Hudson EMS?

If you’re the kind of pro we’re looking for, the answer is a resounding YES!  

Hudson EMS prides itself as being one of the few volunteer emergency medical organizations in the state of Ohio. One of the key reasons we have been able to achieve this unique status is the fact that we have supplemented our volunteer capability with a number of highly experienced professionals – Paramedics who not only treat patients, but also act as mentors to our members, inspiring and guiding them to meet and maintain our uncompromising standards of excellence.

What does this mentoring mean, practically and operationally? It would include things like:  Reminding members of proper protocols before during and after a call is made.   Announcing clearly and audibly the observations you make in defining the parameters of a site and the actions you will take to handle the situation and to treat the patients. Demonstrating and explaining diagnostics, drug and IV administration, and the operation for ultrasound, airway and other advanced equipment for acute and trauma care. 



Mentoring means doing things and saying things that help our members fully understand and anticipate what you’re going to do and be better prepared to help you at every step along the way.  It means showing our members how to reach their full potential and making them want to go there.


Our culture is all about teamwork – camaraderie of trust, cooperation and mutual respect.  As an EMS Paramedic, you will help us preserve and grow this culture by being a leader and doing what leaders do.


As a paid Hudson EMS Paramedic you will be required to put in up to 24 hours of duty time each week. During that time you will get to know and work with some truly remarkable people representing all kinds of professions and backgrounds – exceptional individuals who will depend on and look up to you.  If you like this role of leading and mentoring, we will welcome you. Come help us be the best we can be.


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